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Here you can find pricing for our private sessions, from a single session to 20 sessions.  These are our standard packages, but we can also customize a package to support your practice.  We believe in thinking of the long-term benefits of yoga, and therefore choosing a package or creating one for you that can fit into your life to support you in growing your yoga practice.

Blooming Yogi Membership

We’re excited to announce our “Blooming Yogi” membership- a package that allows you to purchase 12 sessions to be used over a 3-month period.  What this means is that you have the convenience of a membership that gives you the best pricing of all of our packages, allowing you to commit to your growing yoga practice with a private session each week. Membership is a 3-month commitment of 4 sessions/month for a total of 12 sessions.  (We recommend 1 session per week).

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Contact us for a phone consultation session so we can get to know each other.  Jenni wants to know all about your reasons to practice yoga, any injuries or conditions, and your goals.

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Blooming Yogi Membership