FAQ’s about Bloom Yoga @ Home (Private Sessions)

What is yoga?

The word “yoga” comes to us from Sanskrit, an ancient Indian language. It means “yoke” or “union”, and our practice of yoga unites the body, mind and spirit. In contemporary terms, yoga includes a reinforcement of personal ethics, physical practice (asana), breath work (pranayama), and meditation to create a deeper connection with one self.

Why have a regular yoga and meditation practice?

A regular yoga practice integrates the mind, body, and spirit in a way that we gain a deeper connection to our self. It teaches us that everythingspiky small we do has an impact on our health and our lives. A yoga and meditation practice can physically reduce stress, lower high blood pressure, maintain strength and mobility, and calm the mind.   It’s also a lot of fun to move and breathe and you’ll feel better overall for the time you spend on your mat.

How does yoga fit into your day?

There are many ways to fit yoga into your day. At Bloom Yoga we strive to create the perfect yoga and meditation practice to fit your needs, interests, injuries, conditions, etc.  This may be as simple as a guided meditation, a gentle restorative practice, or a flow yoga class. Sessions can be scheduled throughout your day at the availability of the teacher and student.

If you have never done yoga, can you take private sessions?

All levels of student are welcome in Bloom Yoga sessions, from beginners to the more seasoned yogi. We tailor each session to your level, your conditions, and in ways that help you grow your practice.   We believe in safe alignment of bodies as well as hands-on adjustments to help students find the pose in their bodies. These adjustments are intended to support and to grow each student’s individual practice.  We recommend that students check with their physician before beginning any exercise program.

What types of yoga sessions are available?

Bloom Yoga teachers are available to teach a variety of styles of yoga. We focus on meditation, gentle restorative (supported poses), flow yoga (connecting breath and movement), and prenatal flow yoga.

How long are private sessions? How many times a week?

Private sessions are tailored to meet your needs and are 60 minutes in length. The number of times per week is up to you you decide what fits into your schedule and the amount of time you'd like to spend on your mat in a guided session.  As we design a yoga and meditation plan for you, we will be happy to make recommendations about the number of times per week.

What should the student provide?

Currently we are making "house-calls" in that we will be coming to you.  It is recommended that you have some sort of quiet space in which to have your private session.  The space should be relatively distraction-free ( a room with a door is preferable) and have plenty of open space where you can place your mat.
You should have your own yoga mat- this will facilitate for you to continue your personal practice in between sessions with Bloom Yoga teachers. We can provide additional props (if needed) such as blankets, blocks, and straps. If you should wish to purchase your own props, we are happy to provide information on where to purchase these.

What should you wear?

You should wear comfortable clothing that allows for movement, including sitting cross-legged on the floor and well as standing poses, and moving between standing and floor poses. Shoes are not worn in yoga, so students can plan to be barefoot. A recommendation is to wear what you might wear to the gym to workout.

Payment Policies

Payment is due online at the time of scheduling an appointment. If this option is not available, payment is due at the beginning of the first session for that session and all subsequent sessions booked. We take checks or credit cards (Visa, MasterCard).

Cancellation policy

Bloom yoga requires a 24 hour cancellation notice from student.  If one is not given, then the student may be charged 100% of that missed session's cost.  If proper notice is given, then Bloom Yoga teacher and student will find a time to reschedule the missed session.