Blooming Yogi Membership


The best way to grow your practice!  12 sessions over three-months with our best pricing! $600 total, broken up over three months.  Just $50/session!



We’re excited to announce our “Blooming Yogi” membership- a package that allows you to purchase 12 sessions to be used over a 3-month period.  What this means is that you have the convenience of a membership that gives you the chance to commit to your growing yoga practice with a private session each week. Membership is a 3-month commitment of 4 sessions/month for a total of 12 sessions.  (We recommend 1 session per week)

You’ll be billed once a month ($200/month) for three months from your initial sign-up date. Total amount for 3-months commitment is $600.

#growyourpractice with the Blooming Yogi Membership!