Sattva Yoga Series

The Sanskrit work “Sattva” refers to a sense of purity, calm, and steadiness. It is part of the philosophical trio of yoga called the “gunas”.  They interact with each other, and finding a balance can swing us either to the positive or negative end of these fibers of our existence.

The three gunas are:

Tamas: stuck in place, inert, unfocussed. Too much tamas can keep us from discovering our deeper, spiritual truth.

Rajas: energy (too much), action, too much stimulation.  Rajas can create a sense of attachment to our work and goals, and left unchecked keeps us focused on the need for material objects and constant stimulation to try and create happiness in our lives.

Sattva:  calm, steady, balance.  Sattva can help us reduce and balance the effects of Tamas and Rajas. Practicing yoga is based in the idea that our practice will help us achieve this balance of harmony and light.

The way we see the world is a result of which guna is working to be dominant in our mind.  If we are full of chaos and distraction, then the guna Rajas will be the lens through which we see the world.  If we are lethargic and procrastinate to finish a project, Tamas may be at work and keep us from our true potential.  With Sattva, we find a sense of contentment in our life, with a great sense of inner focus.

The Sattva Series is designed to get us moving in that direction.  Each time we meet we’ll focus on three tools to help us find our calm and grounding:

Hatha Yoga

The goal of the Sattva Series is to give you ways to look at the world in a different way and understand that the guna presenting itself may be keeping you from discovering your true self and potential.  With these tools in hand, you can practice creating balance and harmony in your daily life, from hatha yoga, to the use of a mudra (think of this like a yoga pose for your hands), and meditation.

Classes are an hour long and will begin with Hatha Yoga (this is not a flow yoga class but time to spend holding poses and creating internal focus).  We’ll then move into learning a mudra to use during our meditation.  Props such as blankets, blocks, and straps will be provided to support your practice.  Please bring your mat and any other props you might require for your practice.  All-levels welcome.

This is a three-part series and will be held on Sunday Evenings from 5-6pm in Cal Heights on the following dates:

September 17
September 24
October 1

$45 for the series, payment is due by the first class meeting.