Sequence of the week

10 Minute Yoga Cure: Yoga For Digestion

10 minutes to a healthier you! Join Jenni in an easy sequence that supports digestion.

Restorative Pose - Ramp Pose

A simple restorative pose - Ramp Pose - guaranteed to get you relaxed and feeling rested!

Gentle Restorative Sequence

Start near WALL

Seated cross legs – inhale and exhale arms up and down X3-5

Reach arms forward to floor, walk hands forward, release head, breathe

Recross legs the other way, repeat above

Cat/Cow - 5-10 of these

Child’s pose

LEGS UP WALL with blanket under hips, on top of feet (optional – for grounding)            After about 7-10 minutes while legs are still up the wall:
                      Supta Baddha konasana – souls of feet together, knees open away
Supta Upavistha konasana – legs wide
Knees to chest, lower legs to right with knees drawn toward armpit– twist
Repeat twist to left

(I recommend legs up wall pose after you’ve flown – great for getting swelling out of legs and ankles, for calming the mind and settling into a new time zone)

To Seated

Supported Child’s Pose
            Three blankets or pillows
Knees on either side of the blankets, lower torso onto blankets, rest one cheek on     blanket
Draw bottom back towards heels
Rest here for 2-3 minutes, switch cheeks, another 2-3 minutes


 Supported Ramp pose
              Three blankets or pillow, elevating the head higher than the heart, heart higher than the hips
You may take supta baddha konasana (feet together, knees wide) with supports under the knees, or extend the legs forward, placing a pillow or a rolled up blanket under knees to support low back. 5-10 minutes


Come to seated and either offer gratitude for your practice or take a Savasana to finish.