Upcoming Events

Welcome to Bloom Yoga’s upcoming events page!  Here you will find information about our upcoming events – from semi-private group classes around town, workshops, and events where you may find us teaching yoga.  We look forward to seeing you at an event, or join us for private yoga sessions!

Yoga for Your Core – January 2020

Often back issues arise from a weakness in the core. Strengthen abs will offer support for the entire body – from a stronger back to better balance, these classes will focus on poses for the core. The importance of the pelvic floor in these poses will also be explored.

Past Events:

Beyond Kegels : Yoga for the Pelvic Floor workshop at the LA Yoga Expo

I’m very excited to be teaching for the 2nd year in a row at The Yoga Expo!  This is a fun event – TONS of yoga classes to try, vendors, food, and a chance to practice with fellow yogis from around SoCal.  I’ll be teaching a shorter version of my workshop “Beyond Kegels: Yoga for the Pelvic Floor” at 3pm during this event.  Click HERE to find out more and to buy your tickets!

Parenthood Chronicles: Creative Ways to Document Your Pregnancy, Birth & Parenting Stories - April 30, 2017

Beyond Kegels: Yoga for the Pelvic Floor

Bloom Yoga's First Wellness Party in February!

Winter 2017 Semi-Private Yoga Schedule

Bloom Yoga at the Uptown Market in December

Bloom Yoga at the Yoga Expo at the Los Angeles Convention Center

Bloom Yoga at the South Bay Yoga Conference September 23-25, 2016