Welcome to Bloom Yoga!



Welcome you Bloom Yoga!  We are excited to support you in growing your yoga practice, whether that be through private sessions, yoga at work with our corporate clients, or prenatal and postnatal women.  We strongly believe in the power of yoga to transform and change your life, and we know that in sharing these sessions with you we can help you grow your practice day by day, week by week, and finally into a discovery of the joy yoga will bring into your life.

We hope you’ll take some time to look around our brand new site bloomyogapractice.com.  In it we’ve described our philosophy behind private yoga, why you should be taking private yoga sessions, and what we can offer you in a one-on-one, individualized session.  For our corporate clients, we believe that yoga in the workplace can transform your employees mentally, physically, and help them be more focused and productive at work.  We believe these custom-tailored sessions are exactly the kind of attention you need in order to safely practice yoga and discover these poses in your body.  For prenatal and postnatal women, it is a way to connect with baby, prepare for labor and birth, and come back to your mat and find grounding after baby is born.

We want to approach these sessions with you in a way that’s not about a “quick fix” or a short-term solution.  We believe that “practice” means just that: we practice, and we grow, constantly shifting and changing, but always learning something new.  It’s a lifetime commitment to your body, mind, and soul.

Please take some time to discover our site.  We know that we can design yoga sessions to fit your life, your abilities and injuries, and your own personal yoga journey.  Then please reach out and contact us about creating these individualized and unique sessions just for you!

May your practice bloom and grow!


Jenni and Simon Brandon
Owners and Teachers, Bloom Yoga