Yoga for Musicians

Yoga for Musicians: Finding balance between practice, performance, and personal life

A regular yoga practice integrates the mind, body, and spirit in a way that we gain a deeper connection to our self. It teaches us that everything we do has an impact on our health and our lives. A yoga and meditation practice can physically reduce stress, lower high blood pressure, maintain strength and mobility, and calm the mind.   As musicians there are great demands on you physically and mentally, and a regular yoga practice can help you find the balance between professional and personal life.

This workshop is able to be presented during music festivals, retreats, and conferences.  It is easily integrated into a schedule as a specialty workshop or to offer yoga before or after a day of classes/workshops/presentation.

  We’ll work in settings the performer might often find themselves in – rehearsal room chairs, benches, with both standing and seated poses and stretches that are easily accessible any time.  Work for tight shoulders and chests a must for proper posture and breath, and some additional meditation and breath work to round out the performers’ ability to stay focused, calm, and grounded through rehearsals, performances, and auditions.

Contact Jenni for more information or to book this yoga session for your next event!