Why Private Yoga?

At Bloom Yoga we believe that you have the tools available to you to grow your own personal yoga practice. We are here to help you cultivate that soil of individual practice through guidance in the 8 limbs of yoga including asana (the physical practice), meditation, and pranayama (breath work).

DSC_0374Through private individual sessions you will receive the personal attention you need to begin to cultivate your own personal practice. Whether you are new to yoga or a seasoned yogi, we can all benefit from tilling the soil of our mind, body, and heart in order to see our practice come into full bloom. These sessions are designed to support your practice and your yoga journey by exploring the balance between movement and stillness; body and mind.

Our unique approach is that we provide written sequences (instructions) to take home with you to continue to grow your home practice when you are in between sessions with us. These easy to follow sequences will give you guidance to continue to work on these poses at home, as yoga is an individual practice that, like a plant, grows and changes every day, every season, and every year.  There will also be videos available online that highlight certain poses and sequences for you to practice with at home!

The goal of Yoga is to quiet the mind and body through poses to prepare for meditation and our physical practice supports our mind, body, and heart.