How do I choose what classes to take?

DSC_0172New to Yoga: 6-week intro to yoga sessions

If you are brand new to yoga or have taken less than 10 classes, we suggest you take our six-week intro to yoga sessions. This comprehensive program is designed to give you the basics of the physical practice as well as an introduction to the philosophy of yoga. By the end of these sessions you’ll have a better understanding of how to feel these poses in your body and be comfortable joining studio classes or continue with private yoga sessions through Bloom Yoga.

To schedule this 6-week intro to yoga sessions, please go HERE.

What you can expect from your guided asana (physical practice) sessions:cropped-pic-g.jpg

  1. Each practice begins with a setting of an intention for your practice that day
  2. A sequence of postures designed to warm up the part of the body of focus for that day (ie hamstrings, shoulders, open hips, etc.). Often there will be a theme involved (opening the heart, letting go, be focused, etc.)
  3. Depending on your individual focus, a heated sequence of poses that continue to build upon this theme, or possibly a series of gentler, restorative poses.
  4. A brief Meditation and a final Savasana (long resting pose) to ground you and send you out refreshed and focused.
  5. You will be provided with an individualized written short sequence to help you continue your practice in between our sessions, so that you may grow and move forward in your practice, both on and off your mat. In yoga, like any discipline, one can only move forward through continued effort.


We will provide you with a practice that is safe and modified with your body in mind.