Pelvic Floor Yoga

What is Pelvic Floor Yoga and how is it different than just doing “kegels”?

Pelvic floor yoga is the focus of aligning breath and posture in order to support the function of the pelvic floor muscles.  These muscles act like a sling to support the bladder, uterus, and rectum.  The breath is an important part of this – you want to visualize (as you do this) the pelvic floor stretching as you inhale and contracting as you exhale.  And with proper posture we can clear to path to breath, to support the pelvic floor, and to be on our way to a strong pelvic floor yoga practice.

With kegels, it’s a “one size fits all” solution.  Kegels support tightening the pelvic floor muscles, but what if your pelvic floor is already too tight, or hypertonic?  This can cause serious problems in posture and breath – a hypertonic pelvic floor can lead to painful intercourse, urge incontinence, pelvic pain, even IBS.  And kegels don’t address the hypotonic pelvic floor either.  If a woman is suffering from stress incontinence (say a new mom who has just had a baby and the pelvic floor muscles are weak and can’t contract as well), then just tightening the muscles doesn’t address other issues such as ligament strains or instability in the pelvic organs due to pregnancy and birth.  Kegels also describe as “cutting off the flow of urine” which brings all of the attention of contraction to the front of the pelvic floor, losing sight that there is much more to the pelvic floor and its function for the female body.

Simply stated – pelvic floor yoga will provide an understanding of breath and posture to support the pelvic floor and a deeper understanding of your own pelvic floor story and poses to support your own journey.

If you:

  • Suffer from incontinence
  • Have given birth
  • Deal with prolapse
  • Experience discomfort in the pelvis during intercourse or menstruation
  • Have gone through menopause or who are going through menopause
  • Want to learn more about the pelvic floor and the benefits of a pelvic floor yoga practice

Then pelvic floor yoga private sessions are for you!  Contact Jenni today to schedule private, personalized pelvic floor yoga sessions.  Yoga poses, breath and posture, and meditation are all a part of your pelvic floor yoga practice.

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