What to expect in a Private Yoga Session

A private yoga session is 60 minutes

During the first session, we like to discuss your reasons for coming to yoga, any injuries, recent surgeries, or any other conditionsDSC_0243 of which we should be aware.

You will be guided through a series of yoga poses (asana) and be given very specific instructions on how to find these poses in your body. Our goal is that you leave each session with a greater understanding of these poses for your continued practice.

We give safe, hands-on adjustments to guide you in alignment and to illustrate the mechanics and actions of poses.

These sessions are designed to support your practice and your yoga journey by exploring the balance between movement and stillness; body and mind.


Here is a sample of what a private session might look like for you - remember - each session is tailored to your needs, abilities, and goals:

  1. Each practice begins with a setting of an intention for your practice that day
  2. A sequence of postures designed to warm up the part of the body of focus for that day (ie hamstrings, shoulders, open hips, etc.). Often there will be a theme involved (opening the heart, letting go, be focused, etc.)
  3. Depending on your individual focus, a heated sequence of poses that continue to build upon this theme, or possibly a series of gentler, restorative poses.
  4. A brief Meditation and a final Savasana (long resting pose) to ground you and send you out refreshed and focused.
  5. You will be provided with an individualized written short sequence to help you continue your practice in between our sessions, so that you may grow and move forward in your practice, both on and off your mat. In yoga, like any discipline, one can only move forward through continued effort.


Yoga is an individual practice, and everyone’s body is different. We believe the pose is the tool, the pose is not the outcome.